How to Keep Your Succulents Healthy and Beautiful

Have you ever noticed your succulents growing tall very quickly and becoming thinner? This usually happens due to a lack of sunlight, too much water, or the pot is too big for the plants. 

But how can you tell if your succulents are becoming leggy? Here are some signs to look out for:

  1. Upward Growth: The succulent grows upwards with a thinner, crooked stem, and the leaves become green and sparse.
  2. Spread Out Leaves: Leaves that were once tightly arranged in a rosette shape start to spread out or droop. From a distance, it might look like the plant is wearing a skirt, the leaves will appear flat and wide.

Why is Leggy Growth a Problem?

When succulents grow too long, it affects their appearance and health. Overgrown succulents are more susceptible to diseases and pests, can easily fall over, and become fragile. 

How to Fix Stretched and Leggy Succulents

Don't worry, there's hope for your leggy succulents! Here are three methods to help your plants regain their compact beauty:

  1. Beheading: For severely overgrown succulents, you can cut off the stem at a suitable location. The base section with roots will sprout new side buds after the wound heals, turning into multiple new succulents. The top section can be repotted once the wound dries, creating a new plant.

  2. Leaf Picking: For moderately overgrown succulents, remove all the leaves from the elongated part to create a "pseudo old stump." This will likely encourage new side buds to sprout. Don't throw away the leaves! Use them for leaf cuttings, and each leaf can grow into a new succulent.

  3. Control and Maintain: For succulents that aren't too overgrown, increase their light exposure, control watering, and stop fertilizing. This helps the new leaves grow compact and dense again. As the old, overgrown leaves dry up, your succulents will return to their plump and healthy state.

Whether you choose beheading, leaf picking, or controlling and maintaining, these methods are remedial. The key is to stop the succulent from growing too quickly in the first place. With some patience and care, your succulents will show off their beauty once again!