What is that powdery layer on succulents?

What is that powdery layer on succulents?

Some species of succulents have a powdery layer on top of the leaves. It acts as a protective layer that helps to repel water because succulent doesn't like to have water stay on its leaves. Having water stuck in between the leaves might kill your plant especially under hot sun. This layer we called it epicuticular wax or sometimes farina.

Always, always avoid touching the top surface of succulents especially those that with farina as that will leave marks which is irreversible for the plant.

That's what we've been emphasizing to our followers and participants all the time.

But sometimes some succulent experts will purposely remove that farina layer. Do you know why??

Farina acts as a sun protective layer for succulents. When you are into the succulent game, you will experiment everything out just to make it grow into better colour and shape. Removing the powdery layer is just like removing the sunblock of the plant. Under controlled sunlight, the succulent will turn more vibrant in color, just like us getting blushed under the sun! Hence some experts or succulents experienced enthusiasts will purposely do that to achieve a vibrant color looking succulent!

**when we say experts we mean those that already know their plant very well, and knows to control sunlight. For beginners, always try your best to protect the powdery layer as that's the first protective barrier of the plant!