Customized Terrarium Service in KL

Are you looking for customized terrarium based on your plants preference and design? Here is something special that will truly meet your expectations!

This is what we had completed this customized 1.35m big indoor terrarium for client’s office cabinet display✨

Client requested us to keep the middle of the terrarium bare for their collection display and hence we created this forestry theme that gives the feeling of the displays being surrounded by greeneries🌱 They are utmost happy with the outcome and so are us, we love the final outcome very much!

From site measurement to terrarium glass making to on-site installation, we designed according to client’s preferences and we advised the suitable plants according to the environment of their office to ensure the sustainability of the plants, and what makes it easier for client is that we provide monthly maintenance for them too, so they can happily enjoy the forestry view in the office without any worries or hassles❤️

If you’re looking to enliven up a space you have at home/office, DM or WhatsApp us for more details✨

- On-site measurement
- Plant & design consultation
- Glass customisation
- Hassle-free delivery
- Grow light installation
- Monthly maintenance
- After-installation consultation

We only ensure đź’Ż% satisfaction, because we strongly believe plants are able to bring in joy and good energies into your space, and we want to accompany you along in your plant journey toođź’–

Thank you for loving our designs that allows us to continue spread the good energy to more people 🙇🏻‍♀️