WHY Little Eden Succulents?

1. Founded by an architect at the same time once a sufferer of a chronic autoimmune illness Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Yee Zhing has gone thru chemotherapy and various kinds of treatment to treat the illness that is believed to be caused by long period of lifestyle in high stress level. She was advised to slow down the pace of life and she found planting succulents are surprisingly therapeutic and helpful especially when she was in her low time battling with the illness. She learned that slowing down our pace gives space for inspirations and that taught her about the importance of self love. She then started to share her journey of planting succulents at the same time journey of dealing with this chronic illness that cannot be cured on social media. She gained more and more followers thru her daily inspirational sharings on social media and realized her sharing of positive energy brings impact to people’s life.

Little Eden Succulents was then established starting to conduct workshops and share with people about the therapeutic effect of succulents, providing a space for citizens to unwind and be healed by succulents. In every sessions of her workshops, she shared about how succulents inspire lives in different angles, with the wisdom and experiences she gained in her journey. Every participants of her workshop for sure walk away feeling inspired and motivated, at the same time the wounded hearts are able to be healed unconsciously.

She is the first succulent healing therapist in Malaysia, healed thousands of broken hearts thru hundreds of her workshop sessions. The experience is amazing and sometimes indescribable by words, but you will be amazed of how great it feels being inspired by such a energetic yet gentle personality.

 Yee Zhing with the studio

2. Little Eden Succulents is now run by a group of plant enthusiasts, that they are all being inspired by the founder and hence offered help to grow Little Eden Succulents together. The team members are all professionals from different field in the society like marketing specialists, risk manager, accounting specialist, quantity surveyor and team managers etc. While pursuing their main careers, they generously provide attentive support, making planting easy and enjoyable. Every customers or workshop participants are able to feel the warmness offered by the team and the LES community. The business is fueled by the joy of sharing, passion of spreading love and positivity through nature.

Little Eden Succulents Team

Little Eden Succulents donate 10% of their annual profit to charitable organisations, believe in the power of giving. You will not get a single dying plant from them in any of their stores, instead they will share with you how to revive a dying plant, and will harvest a bunch of continuous happiness by growing the plants with them as they provide lifetime consultation for all of their plants.

3. Succulents are difficult to grow for some people because they have not mastered the correct way of planting them in Malaysia weather. Online resourses are very limited when it comes to this niche. Little Eden Succulents is Malaysia’s first succulent terrarium specialist that they plant succulents into a glass without a drainage hole, which is a big No No to a lot of plant grower out there back in years ago. Through their years of experience, they have developed a system to have succulents grow even healthier in a pot without a drainage hole, at the same time lower maintenance compared to succulents in normal pot.

LES Terrarium Malaysia Collection

Every of their succulent terrariums are unique and special, you will hardly see two similar terrariums that are having the same plant combinations due to the different nature of succulents. Hence if you are sending this as a gift to friends, it will for sure be the one and only design piece that is dedicated to you. Their plants are living masterpieces crafted with love and expertise. Their personalized attention, artistic presentation, exclusivity, and unwavering commitment to quality make their potted plants unique and remarkable. Each design they create is one-of-a-kind, ensuring that their potted plants carry a sense of individuality and distinction. When you choose their plants, you not only receive a piece of nature's beauty but also an expression of their passion and dedication to creating a greener and more beautiful world.