Our Mission

To Spread Love

Little Eden Succulents was founded with a mission to give and to spread love. We sell our products but more often we send gifts to our followers especially when we heard of their different stories. We always hope our small kind moves could touch the broken souls out there, and remind them they are loved too.

To Create Self Awareness

Most of the time we care about others more than ourselves, and we tend to forget our inner child needs to be loved too. We used the healing power of succulents and our stories to inspire more than thousands of souls, and support them in their individual journeys with succulents.

To Share Knowledge

We have years of experience in succulents especially in tropical weather without four seasons. We specialize in creating succulent terrarium, making the miniature garden a conducive environment to the desert plant. We wish to share these knowledge and skills to the public so that they could make this a sustainable fun hobby, and to have a space when they need a way out.

To Help The Unfortunate

Each year Little Eden Succulents is donating 10% of the annual profit to charitable organizations, we wish to spread love to those unfortunates which they might not have the luxury of time or opportunity to explore in succulents yet. LES is meant for kindness and love, by the people to the people.