Our Founder's Story


Hi, this is Yee Zhing from Little Eden Succulents. I have been on this succulent journey for about 6 years, while dealing with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (also known as SLE / Lupus). 

SLE is an autoimmune disease. What it does is that the immune system attacks my own tissues, bringing widespread inflammation and tissue damage to my body. And this could happen to any organs or tissues.

The causes of SLE are unknown, it could be environmental, genetic, hormonal factors, or a long period of stressful lifestyle. 

The journey of dealing with SLE prompted me to relook into my lifestyle after so many years of being in high stress mode because of my work in the architecture field. 

One day, I found out that succulents can survive by having only one single leaf. The process of growing them inspired me so much. 

I have learnt that I can propagate one single succulent into so many succulent babies, as if they are trying hard to tell all of us -  you totally deserve all the love.

The idea of sending succulents as gifts popped up, but I wanted it to be special. I used to love making handicrafts and displaying them in glasses when I was a kid, I think the little world inside the glass is mesmerizing. 

That gave me an idea of combining both - succulents in glasses (a terrarium)!

Sending a live plant is much more fun as compared to sending fresh flowers, and what’s even more rewarding is, you get to continue their lives for months to years.

I started to share more about succulent tips and knowledge on my platform. Aside from selling them as gifts, we also conduct workshops to share about all the knowledge and experiences we gained in the past years to more people.

We want to raise public awareness about how stress can affect our health physically and mentally in the long term.

That is how we named our workshops as “Succulent Therapy Workshops”. You will feel the therapeutic effect during the process of making a terrarium and watching them grow. 

Dealing with illnesses is difficult, but having a new hobby makes your hard times easier, and having something to look forward to everyday makes you feel alive.

I am Yee Zhing and that’s how I started my succulent journey.