By placing an order from our website, we will take into account that every customers had read our terms & conditions as well as the FAQs.


Basic Information

Do you have ready-stock for me whenever I walk into your store?

It depends on the availability of products. However, please note that appointments before walk-ins will be required. Book your appointment online here: https://www.appointfix.com/book/littleedensucculentsstudio

Why is my status still “Processing”?

Here’s a brief explanation on all of the status from our website:

Processing: Order is received, we will prepare the order on the selected delivery date.
Delivering: Item is picked up by delivery partner.
Completed: Item is already received/delivered or picked up.
Failed: Payment has not went through.
On Hold: Order is on hold for specific reasons.
Refunded: Order is refunded.
Cancelled: Order is cancelled.

Where is your office? How can I contact you?

Please visit this page for our contact, address and working hours : https://littleedensucculents.com/pages/contact

We prefer Whatsapp message & FB Messenger messages. Kindly contact us with either one of this methods for better communication experiences.

I called in but my call was not picked up?

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service may be occupied when you called. You may try to call again or whatsapp to us instead for better communication experiences.

Can I message/call in after your working hours?

You may message us by whatsapp / fb messenger anytime, our customer service will reply to your enquiry once they got back to work. Your understanding is very much appreciated.


Payment Information

I’ve encountered difficulties while trying to make payment.

Kindly contact us through e-mail (littleedensucculents@gmail.com) or WhatsApp (010-2059318) so that we can further assist you on this matter.

What sort of payment methods are available to us?

Our website enables AMEX, Mastercard and VISA.

Is COD available?

We only accept payment before delivery as most of our orders are delivered directly to the recipient instead of the purchaser, hence, COD is not available.


Ordering Procedures

Can I pick up my designs from your store?

Normally, pick up is available as option when you are placing an order from our website.

What should I do before picking up?

You can contact us by providing us your detail of order and your pick-up time so that we can be aware of it.

I wish to add items to my order, what should I do?

Please contact our customer service so they can assist you on this without placing a new order.

I have 2 designs to send to 2 different locations, how should I place my order?

Please place 2 orders separately as the delivery fees are calculated as per drop. 2 different locations will require you to pay for 2 delivery fees.

How much are the delivery fees?

Upon inserting the address and postcode in the checkout page, you may notice the delivery fees will be stated in the Order Totals column.

Where can I get a coupon code?

Coupon codes are usually distributed through our social media, email subscribers and collaborating partners. You may search on our social media platforms if there are any, our customer service are unable to provide any personal coupon code.

I forgot to add a coupon code before payment.

We are unable to apply coupon codes for processing orders nor making any refund for the equivalent value of the coupon code.

I can’t seem to check out/process my order.

There are a few reasons that may cause this error, you may refresh the page and try again. If for the second time you are still unable to checkout, kindly contact our customer service so they can place the order on your behalf.

I want to purchase customized / special succulent designs.

Certain succulents are subjected to availability from our suppliers. You may need to contact our customer service to check for you and to place order for you. Please contact us at least 1 week before preferred delivery date.


Delivery Info

Why should I provide the recipient’s contact number?

We collect the receiver’s contact number to ensure the delivery process goes as smooth as possible. Riders are required to call the receivers to receive the products OR to get permission to pass the product to someone they know if they are not at location. Rerouting the delivery also requires the receiver’s contact number.

I wish it could be a surprise.

We understand that the surprise element is highly prioritized. You can try to put your own phone number instead if you wish to inform the recipient that the flower has arrived by yourself. This way rider will contact you once he reaches the destination.

How is the delivery done?

We hire third-party dispatchers as our delivery partners. They travel in vans or cars to ensure that your design is secured.

Do your riders deliver to door?

For landed properties, shop lots or easily accessed properties, yes. For guarded office buildings, condominiums or in cases when the guards do not allow our riders in, we may have to request the recipients to approach our riders to collect the products.

Can I choose a specific timing to deliver?

Our standard delivery service are completed between 2pm – 4pm.

Why is my delivery late?

We apologize for the inconveniences and we also seek for your understanding. Late delivery may be caused by unforeseen situations such as bad weather, heavy rain, heavy traffic, accidents, vehicle breakdown etc. If you wish to make a complaint, kindly send your message to our customer service or email to littleedensucculents@gmail.com.

Can I track my order?

You will receive a SMS once the order is out for delivery.

I need to know where exactly is my order now!

Our riders usually keep their hands on the steering wheels and are unable to perform real time update all the time to ensure safety. If you require their immediate location, kindly contact our customer service and we will assist you on that.

My recipient is not there when you deliver.

There are times like this, and usually riders will communicate with the receiver for the next step.
It is either they leave it with someone they know, or guards, or receptionist with receivers’ permission. Or they will have to return to our office to wait for next delivery, which will require a second charge of delivery fees from sender.