Terrarium Workshop: A Unique Team Building Activity for 2024

In today's always-on corporate world filled with virtual meetings and screen fatigue, it's more important than ever for teams to unplug, get their hands dirty, and reconnect with the calming presence of nature. One unique team building activity expertly designed for digital detoxing? Terrarium workshops.

A terrarium workshop brings employees together for a meditative gardening experience centered around the creation of miniature gardens encased in glass containers. Not only do these whimsical workshops strengthen team bonds through a fun DIY project, but caring for living botanicals has been proven to boost mental health and lower stress levels.

As companies double down on prioritizing work-life balance and employee wellness in the new year, terrarium workshops are poised to explode in popularity as the ultimate mindful, low-tech team building experience in 2024.

The Terrarium Building Process
So what exactly does a DIY terrarium workshop entail? Most follow a simple yet engaging process:

• Teams are provided all the materials needed including glass containers, rocks, sand, soil, greenery, figurines and accessories
• A knowledgeable instructor guides groups step-by-step through layering materials and elements to build their custom terrariums
• Employees get creative designing unique mini ecosystems housed in geodesic globes, mason jars, lightbulbs or other vessels
• Once complete, teams learn tips for keeping their tiny enclosed gardens thriving long-term
• Optional wine, refreshments, and playlists add an extra dose of fun

More than just an exercise in gardening, the true value of these workshops lies in the conversations and connections sparked between colleagues. Without phones or computers, everyone remains 100% present in a judgement-free zone to engage their creativity side-by-side.

The Mental Health Benefits of Terrariums
There's a reason these botanical garden kits have become a beloved adult activity and home decor trend. Studies show that nurturing living greenery and botanicals offers a wide array of psychological and physiological benefits, including:

• Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue
• Boosted focus, productivity and positive emotions
• Improvements in hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
• Sense of responsibility, patience and accountability
• Relief from depression, loneliness and cabin fever

By getting employees out of their usual office routines and stimulating their minds through the therapeutic act of gardening together, terrarium workshops can be a transformative team building experience. Teams leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and accomplished.

Finding a Local Terrarium Workshop
Terrarium workshops and classes are popping up all across the globe, from guided DIY studios to mobile pop-up experiences brought directly to your office.

Feeling crafty? You can also source all the materials on your own and have an employee lead their own DIY workshop or turn it into a fun build-your-own team competition.

No matter how you choose to experience a terrarium workshop, it's an incredibly creative team building activity guaranteed to get colleagues laughing, bonding and helping boost mental wellness together in 2024.

Looking to breathe some fresh, natural air into your corporate team building efforts this year? A DIY terrarium workshop could be exactly what your employees need to disconnect from digital overwhelm, tap into their inner gardeners and cultivate stronger relationships.

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