Creating a Stunning Succulent Terrarium: The 3 Categories to Use

Creating a Stunning Succulent Terrarium: The 3 Categories to Use

Today let us share with you something interesting ☺️

The 3 succulent categories we use in creating a beautiful succulent terrarium🌼🌵🌱

1. Subject plant🌼- we never fail to use Echeveria or similar species that’s rosette type (Pachyveria, Graptoveria etc) in our succulent arrangement as the main subject plant. Usually these species are low in height that wouldn’t block the view of plants at the back and in rosette form that create a very good focusing point of the whole design. Other than that, usually these species require more sunlight hence it’s always good to have them at the front getting the most sunlight they need.

2. Background plant🌵- Sedum, Graptosedum or similar species creates height for the succulent arrangement, and is always easier to be trimmed over the time as a part of maintenance of a terrarium. Hence the succulents with height and a main stalk are the type of succulents that we use very often as the background plant in our succulent arrangement😊

3. Filler plant🌱- succulents that are having small leaves and are naturally small in size is usually used as filler plant to fill up the empty spaces between bigger succulents. Usually filler plants will be having more variations in color hence they create a fuller look at the same a colourful arrangement.

If you’re planning to make a beautiful succulent arrangement like ours, try out our tips here and prepare these 3 succulent category in hand! Hehehe you can be a succulent arrangement sifu very soon we are sure😜

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