How do you fix root rot on succulents?

How do you fix root rot on succulents?

 What is root-rotting? 

Root-rotting is a condition whereby the roots rot (turn black and mushed when squished) due to the excessive water around them. This can occur when we overwater the plants.

Water constantly being trapped in the soil can happen due to the soil turning compact as well (perhaps it’s time to repot your plants!)

It can also happen due to the wrong choice of soil. Remember that succulents need succulent soil (well-aerated ones) rather than normal houseplant soil.


How to prevent it? 

  • Avoid overwatering, regularly check your soil and use the right soil!

    Can I still save my plants?

    • Yes of course! Cut the bottom part of the stem to remove the rotten roots
    • Ensure that the wound has already dried (by setting it aside for at least 2 days) before planting them into the soil again.
    • However, if you realise the rotten roots have affected your stem to a point where the centre leaves have also started turning black, you may not be able to rescue your plants… so keep an eye out for blackened stems! Or give extra care to checking the health of the soil whenever you repot them.