How long does the succulent's cutting take to grow new roots?

How long does the succulent's cutting take to grow new roots?

Cutting = the crown that you cut off from a succulent that is already stretched and leggy. That way you will get a refreshed look of the crown of succulent that has tight and pretty leaves. We call this process #beheading.

Sometimes we do beheading according to design of an arrangement, sometimes we do it just to make a few more babies (you know we like babies!). But successful rate of beheading is not 100% all the time.

A few things to note for beheading process:
- Put the cutting aside for few days to callous before plant into soil again. We use shortcuts sometimes and we teach that to participants during our workshop, as there're skills required in this small process, though we try to make it simple.
- Use clean & sharp knife or scissors, you don't want your new cuttings to get infections.
- Keep a few node on the cutting for the roots to grow, do not cut your crown too short. Well, that also depends on the species you're cutting. Some species need longer stem, some prefer shorter.

Come to the answer of the question, how long does a cutting take to grow new roots?
About 2-3 weeks, providing you're placing them under bright indirect sunlight.

Happy planting!