How to save a dying succulent plant

How to save a dying succulent plant

There are a few symptoms that can tell us that our succulents may be in danger!! We’ll have to tackle their sickness according to the symptoms.

# Symptom 1

  • Leaves turning wrinkled, yellowish, and flatter than before - this is a sign that your plants may be lacking sunlight.
  • # Solution 1

  • Slowly increase the sunlight level of your plants by moving them near windows, then outside of the windows, and lastly outdoors where more sunlight can be given to the plants 
  • Do this across a week, as the plants need time to adjust to the increased sunlight
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    # Symptom 2

  • Pests invading your plants! If you ever see white fuzzes on your succulents, those are most probably mealy bugs! Or if you ever see webs and tiny brown spots on your succulents, those are most probably spider mites! 🤢
  • # Solution 2

  • Gotta get rid of them before they suck all the nutrients out of our succulents 😠
  • Spray mealy bug killers or apply pesticides to get rid of these pests.
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    # Symptom 3

  • The roots of your succulents may be rotting! Rotten roots may look like this: Roots become dark brown or black and feel slimy or squishy when being touched.
  • # Solution 3

  • Cut off a part of the stem to remove the rotten roots
  • Set stem cutting aside to allow callous to form on its wound
  • Replant the stem cutting and new roots will grow!
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    # Symptom 4

  • Sunburn - new leaves from the centre of the stem turning black. This can be caused when plants are being placed under the sun which is too scorchingly hot, or when plants have yet to adjust to the bright direct sunlight when it has just been brought back home from another environment.
  • # Solution 4

  • Move the plant to a place where it can be given partial indirect sunlight and slightly more cooling than before
  •  Slowly shift it back outdoors while trying to increase providence of sunlight to plants
  • You can also remove the sunburnt leaves to allow new leaves to grow 
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    # Symptom 5

  • If the bottom leaves appear to be wrinkled, this may be a sign that it is lacking water
  • # Solution 5

  • Try watering the plants at night instead of during the day to allow better water absorption where water may evaporate faster during the day
  • Ensure that the soil is thoroughly wet after watering, rather than having the water flow out through the gaps immediately
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    # Symptom 6

  • Leaves turning translucent?! This could mean that the area where the plant is in isn’t well-ventilated
  • # Solution 6

  • Place the plant somewhere with decent ventilation
  • Besides, check whether the soil is too compact. Compact soil may trap water around the roots, causing bad ventilation.