How to take care of Lithops?

How to take care of Lithops?

How to take care of these stones??

Lithops a.k.a Living Stones is a genus of succulent family, looking colourful and stone-alike. Some people think they look like brain 🧠 and some think they look like butt 😂 

Lithops are considered as one of the easy succulent for beginners as they don’t need too much sunlight and water😊 Since we have so many lithops from @lespups being adopted recently, let us share with you again how to take care of them to refresh your memories😉

Lithops are very afraid of direct sunlight because they are juicy inside, the heat from direct sun will increase their body temperature and will take longer period to release to the surrounding, causing rotting of lithops from the inside. Always place them somewhere with diffused sunlight to bright indirect sunlight only, avoiding heat. Suitable for office or bedroom beside window, windy balcony or well ventilated car porch. 

Generally there’s about 75-85% of water in Lithops, hence they can sustain themselves without water source for longer period of time. Only water when you see wrinkles on their surface because that’s an indication that they are thirsty. Never water them when they still looking (overly) chubby.

Ventilation 🍃
Ensure there’s plenty of ventilation to remove moisture and heat around the plant, keep the air well ventilated to avoid rotting.