Is growing succulent's cutting difficult?

Is growing succulent's cutting difficult?

Growing a cutting of succulent is just like growing a normal succulent with roots, just need to take note on a few things:

1. Avoid watering for the first week if the wound of cut is big. If you are cutting Callisia with very thin stem, watering can be started on the next day.

2. Avoid direct sunlight in the first week, then slowly increase indirect sunlight exposure. Cutting without roots is not able to absorb any water yet, hence it tends to dry up easily when exposed to large amount of sunlight. 

3. After a week, pull very gently on the cutting to check if new roots are established. You will feel a very light friction on the base of the cutting if new roots have established. Don't pull the plant out! Just feel if there's any friction will do. Let it continue to sit for twoo weeks if new roots are not out yet.

Is growing a cutting difficult? NOT AT ALL! In fact it is fun and you will get addicted very soon!

Sometimes we use cuttings in succulent arrangement instead of whole plants so that we can control the foliage size that we want, which is crucial for a nice design. Cutting is easier to be planted into soil too without having to provide space for the rootballs.