Secret about watering techniques

Secret about watering techniques

Succulents' main characteristic is they are able to store water in their leaves and stem, which gives them the chubby and cute outlook. That's also why we don't have to water them too frequently in a week, or sometimes month.

But do you know how do we gauge the watering amount and frequency for a plant?

Every piece of succulent have different watering requirement according to

1. its size,
2. the environment (humidity & ventilation),
3. type of soil used and also
4. size of pot.

Each of the factors above will affect the speed of evaporation/consumption of water in soil.

Let's talk about the relationship between size of plant and watering frequency today.

      The bigger/chubbier the size of succulent's leaves simply means that it can store alot more water in it, hence we can always drag longer between each watering or only water when you start to see wrinkles on leaves. Watering can sometimes be once to twice a month only. These are the plants we usually consider as easier to take care. (Hahaha because we lazy people always like easier way with not much effort required 😜) 

Some species with smaller/thinner leaves like Sedum, aptenia, callisia, crassula will have lesser storage capacity hence we will always advice you to water more frequently (maximum 3 times a week). 

Side note: it's always better to underwater your plant than to overwater them. However, that doesn't mean you can neglect them for too long. Underwater succulents can be revived after watering most of the time but long period of drought will also weaken the succulents slowly throughout the time. Hence always observe your succulents when you first got them on hand, and listen to their needs for the first few weeks to master the right schedule for your plants.😉

Getting to know your plants is like getting to know a person. It takes time but it will surely be a fun experience!