What’s so special about Mountain Rose?

What’s so special about Mountain Rose?

What’s so special about Mountain Rose??

Other than the outlook looking exactly like a rose, Mountain Rose has a complete root and leaf system, that the roots are able to absorb and provide water to the plant at the same time leaves are able to produce nutrients from photosynthesis. Hence Mountain Rose can continue to grow bigger and bigger in time with conducive environment given🌹

This also means you will never ever need to spray water on your ‘rose’ because they absorb water from the roots instead of from the ‘petals’, and these petals from Mountain Rose are actually their leaves that are very sensitive to water (confusing? Hahaha)😬

Yes Mountain Roses need not to be kept fresh in water, keep them in soil instead😉

☀️ diffused sunlight only, prefers morning sunlight about 2-3hours a day
💦 water once a week will do, need to constantly check on the moisture of soil to ensure it is not soaking wet
🍃 must have very, very, very good ventilation provided or else they ‘barbecue’ very fast, if you know what I mean😬
❄️ mountain rose very delicate, they are afraid of heat and high temperature. If you have an aircond room with morning sun window, that’s will be their cozy home

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