What soil should I use for succulents?

What soil should I use for succulents?

One of the main consideration in taking care of succulent is always using the right soil. Always go for 'succulent/cactus soil' that's available in supermarkets or plant nurseries instead of normal potting soil. Succulent soil provides better aerationĀ to the roots of succulents and it dries up faster compared to normal potting soil.

However, we always mix our own LES Formula Succulent Soil to be used for our succulents. That's how we ensure our soil is free from any pesticides or infections, at the same time provide sufficient nutrients for healthy succulent roots. When you realise your succulent stops growing, check on the roots of succulents whether it is still healthy, at the same time gauge whether it's time to change the soil.

But... When to change soil?Ā 

1. When the soil is compacted that it couldn't absorb water well anymore

2. When the soil is retaining too much water and takes too long to dry up

3. If your last change of soil is 6 months or longer

A lot of times we get questions from our followers about the reason of their dying succulents, and surprisingly 85% of them is due to the wrong soil type. It is either because they get the 'succulent soil' that is not up to standard or because they are not using the right soil type.

If you're looking for the best succulent soil for your plant and you don't want to risk your plant in trying the other succulent soil out there (trust us, you wouldn't want to risk your plants), we will strongly recommend you try out LES Succulent Soil that's available atĀ our website.

If your succulent is not surviving sometimes it's not because you have 'black fingers', it's because you used (met) black soil (seller) šŸ˜…