Blooming Succulent

What to do when succulents bloom?

What to do when succulents bloom? The blooming flowers of succulents are mainly for the production of next generation, but if you are not doing any pollination for succulents (because we are not 🐝 😬) the blooms actually serve no purpose at the same time consume nutrients of the mother plant… So what do we do? Cut cut cut! ✂️

Hahaha if this is your first succulent bloom, you can keep it for some time for you to appreciate longer😄 But for us when we see it coming we will cut it off immediately if we are not doing the pollination part, because of the few reasons here:
- blooming flower stalks attract mealybugs! Which is what we don’t want to see because mealybugs can spread fast to other plants
- blooming flower consumes large portion of nutrients hence when you see a succulent blooms, usually the mother plant stops growing anymore
- the lacking of nutrients usually cause mother plant to shrink in size, sometimes elongated without a nice compact form anymore

If you don’t cut the blooming stalks, it will still slowly dried off by itself days to weeks later, leaving you lots of mealybugs and an elongated mother plant😬 But the fun part about plant is you will have different ways and solutions to revive it back💛 What to do if this situation happened? Use our mealybugs killer to eliminate the bugs, and use fertiliser to slowly grow the mother plant into a nice form again, with sufficient sunlight and regular watering frequency 💛

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