House Terrarium

When should I repot my terrarium?

Let’s clean up a 2-months old terrarium with us today✨ What we usually do to maintain the outlook of a terrarium: 1. Trim off overgrown succulents (usually will be the small leaves succulent species like Callisia or Sedums) 2. Pick out the dried leaves 3. Replace any unhealthy succulents and get them into our ICU area 😜 4. After all the maintenance work, place it somewhere partially shaded (avoid direct sun) and well ventilated. Start your usual watering again 3 days later. Cleaning up and take out some of the unhealthy succulents is unavoidable if you are to maintain a terrarium for long term😉 Hence if you have a dead succulent in your terrarium, not to worry, just clean it up and put in a fresh one😜 #littleedensucculents #littleedensucculentstips