Leggy succulent

Why are my succulents "stretching out" and become leggy?

Many don't know that succulents shouldn't be "stretching out"... "Stretching out" would look something like this: layers of leaves being far from each other (a distance of more than 0.5mm is considered as far). In other words, your plants are going through elongation and becoming leggy. This happens when succulents lack sunlight, so stretch out as they try to source more sunlight.

However, succulents generally look cuter when they are shorter or in dwarf size; most also prefer their plants to stay in their size or not grow big in size so soon. Some may be excited to see their plants growing in size - in that case, you would want to see it grow sideways more than upwards for most succulent species.

Therefore, provide your plants with sufficient sunlight and they will maintain their size and vibrancy. Stretching out may sound like only the plants' appearance is affected,  yet it can lead to worse cases such as your plants withering if the plants still can't get the amount of sunlight that they need to survive.