Why is my succulent turning yellow and translucent?

Why is my succulent turning yellow and translucent?

What the leaves tell you about your succulent plants (Turning yellow, black, translucent, wrinkled, soggy… )

#1 Wrinkled

This is a sign that your plant is lacking water! Water your plant and observe it for abt 2-3 days. If the leaves are still wrinkled, perhaps it needs a bit more water; try watering it again and wait for another 2 days. If the conditions still persist, check the root system to ensure that it is still in good health - rotten roots won't be able to absorb water anymore... :(

#2 Turning pale 

This includes conditions such as leaves having a lighter green tone than before, purple and red leaves losing its vibrancy etc. In this case, it means that your plant is lacking sunlight. Thus, bring your plants somewhere with more sunlight. 

#3 Transculent (and yellowish)

This shows that ventilation around your plants is poor, so place them somewhere windier than the previous spot!

#4 Soggy (and sometimes yellowish)

This is a sign that you're feeding your plants with too much water!! Decrease watering level while continually observing your plants’ condition to gauge a better amount of water that is suitable for your plants 

#5 Turning black

This usually only happens after it starts to turn translucent and soggy. Sadly, when you see this, it means that the leaves have already rotten. Along with the rotten leaves, the stem would probably be rotten as well. Hence, cut off the rotten parts and replant the stem cutting in hopes that the remaining part that is alive can continue to live.