Enclosed terrarium

Why would there be water droplets on the glass surface of enclosed terrarium?

There are times when we feel confused and lost, that’s ok, just open up the lid of your confusion, and clean up the water droplets bit by bit💛

And when comes to the science of an enclosed terrarium, why would there be water droplets on the glass surface? Plants undergo transpiration day and night no matter there is sunlight or not therefore water in the plant body is eliminated to the surrounding. When the water vapour encounter a cold surface (glass), condensation occur and that’s why it is very normal for us to see water droplets in an enclosed terrarium💧If you are to have a clear vision of the terrarium, just wipe off the water droplets on glass will do❤️ And if you don’t see water droplets on glass anymore, the humidity in an enclosed terrarium is probably too low hence it is time to water your terrarium 😉

Now you see why the occurrence of water droplets is important (in life)? Because that simply means that your plants are healthy and (you) are alive!🌿💛 #littleedensucculents