Kids Workshop

Looking for a fun and educational activity for kids? Look no further than a succulent workshop! Not only will kids learn about the fascinating world of succulents and their unique characteristics, but they'll also have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and create their very own plant arrangement.

Succulents are easy to care for and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them the perfect plant for kids to work with. Plus, they make a great addition to any bedroom, playroom, or even classroom.

By participating in a succulent workshop, kids will learn about the importance of plant care and the benefits of having greenery in their environment. They'll also have the chance to exercise their creativity by designing their own unique planter, using a variety of materials and decorative items.

So why not give them the gift of nature and creativity by signing them up for a succulent workshop? It's a fun and engaging way to spend time together and create something beautiful that they can be proud of.

Take a look at our previous workshops! (Click the play button to start video.)

Little Eden Succulents is the first to offer succulent terrariums in Malaysia.

Who are WE

We are a group of succulent enthusiasts based in Malaysia. We hope to spread love, joy and warmth to all who come see our artwork, or receive plant gifts made by us with care. We want to create a space for people to engage with plants; to not just watch the plants grow but also grow with them.

Our founder discovered growing succulents as her new hobby after being diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) aka Lupus. Life can be quite tough needing to live with various issues in life (in our founder’s case, it was this disease) — this is where succulents come in.

“We believe that there’s power in connecting with nature and that plants can heal souls — giving us essential messages that we often miss out in our daily lives.”
— Yee Zhing, Founder of LES

Succulents are strong beings; they strive to keep themselves alive even if they were to be left with their last leaf. The same goes for a leaf that somehow got isolated from its mother plant - to keep the next generation alive, it’ll grow new leaves and sustain them with all the nutrients they need, while it goes through a time of drying out - a great model of unconditional love. How much different would our world be today, if men were to treat each other in such a way?

We also wish to create public awareness on despite how hard we’re striving for the many goals in life, it is essential for us to take care of ourselves, both physically and mentally.

Giving is an art of life. Receive triple happiness while shopping here:
1. Happiness for your loved ones by giving a living green to them
2. Happiness for yourself while seeing your loved ones delighted
3. Happiness to those who are in need of something special and inspiring in their lives