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Little Eden Succulents

Weekend Terrarium Workshop (Beginner)

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A rewarding and stress relief session for yourself in this uneasy period.

What you will be getting in this session:

  • A companion, whether it’s on your working desk or window sill, that it will be a home to your heart. You're able to bring home your terrarium creation!
  • Able to recognize succulents’ need (3 main elements: sunlight, water, ventilation) by just looking at their color and appearance, without having to know their scientific names. Be prepared to be showered by plenty of tips from us!
  • Able to choose the plants that fit most with your personality and lifestyle.
  • Gain skills to make your own succulent terrarium anytime and anywhere, without having to worry if they can survive for the following weeks.
  • THE 6 LES DESIGN TIPS FOR SUCCULENT TERRARIUM to make a beautiful terrarium, which are exclusively shared only in our physical workshop that you couldn't find it elsewhere. It's our own formula!

Venue: The Nest PJ by LES Group

Who should join this:

1. This workshop is specifically designed for any succulent beginners that has ZERO experience in planting and succulents but has so much INTEREST in them!

2. This workshop is also for you that have a little experience with succulents, but have killed a few of them knowing or not knowing the true reasons behind. 

3. If you don't even know about what succulent is, but are looking for some new hobbies to nourish the soul and filling up spare time at home, this workshop is definitely for you!!

Succulent planting is a life learning journey, it is not only about putting succulents nicely together and DONE you're finish. You'll realise this is a life nourishing journey that you can't get yourself out once started. Try it out once and you'll know why we say so... :)

Contact us at 010-2059318 for our workshop schedule.


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