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Little Eden Succulents

DIY Sand Wax Painting Scented Candle Kit

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Our set is all-inclusive, featuring all the essentials for crafting 2 unique designer candles. You'll receive 1 glass container, 6 vibrant colors of sand wax, 1 wick, wooden skewers for artistic touches, essential oil and clear, easy-to-follow printed instructions.

No melting is required and everything you need will be provided.

Unleash Your Creativity - Experiment with different layers of colored sand, position the skewer at the jar's side, and weave it through the layers in any imaginative combination you desire.

Our DIY candle making kit is suitable for everyone. They can explore their creativity and devise their own delightful combinations. Our candle making starter kit is elegantly packaged, making it an excellent choice for gifting on special occasions.

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