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Little Eden Succulents

Fittonia in Cylinder Terrarium with Cork(M)

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Width:4.5cm; Height:10.5cm

"Introducing our captivating Fittonia in Cylinder Terrarium with Cork, a stylish fusion of modern design and natural beauty. Encased within a sleek cylindrical glass vessel topped with a rustic cork lid, this terrarium boasts a collection of vibrant Fittonia in assorted colors, creating a mesmerizing display of hues. Accompanied by a small, adorable figurine, each terrarium adds a touch of whimsy to any space. With its simple care requirements, these terrariums are perfect for brightening up any corner of your home or office. Just like its counterparts, Fittonia in Cylinder Terrarium thrives in a bright spot with indirect sunlight, making it ideal for indoor environments. Watering is a breeze - simply moisten the soil once a week, allowing it to dry slightly between waterings. Elevate your space with our Fittonia in Cylinder Terrarium with Cork, available for purchase on our website. Let nature's charm flourish in your surroundings, one colorful leaf at a time."

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