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Little Eden Succulents

Stephania Erecta Red Stem in Designer Pot

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Width: 8cm; Height: 22cm

Have you ever seen this 'chubby potato' before? This is actually the Stephania Erecta! The Stephania erecta, also known as Stephania pierrei, hails from Thailand and is characterized by a large, woody bulb known as a caudex (this is the potato part) from which sprout multiple tall, slender, straight stalks (the “erecta” part). These stalks are topped by shield-shaped green leaves whose whimsical arrangement make this an attractive and intriguing plant for any indoor garden.

Stephania Erecta is very well growing plants when they already sprouted and you have give them bright indirect sunlight; water them once a week and keep them at a good ventilation place! Also remember to apply pesticide for them once a month. For Stephania Erecta also bring good meaning, some people believe they will bring longevity and prosperity as the Caudex can live for very long time and their leaves looks like coins and getting more and more! Stephania Erecta also a beginner friendly plant if you want thriving greens for your home!

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