How to ensure the environment is conducive for the new plant baby?

How to ensure the environment is conducive for the new plant baby?

How do we ensure the environment that we're providing is conducive for your new plant baby?

[For single potted plant]

1. After bringing your plant baby home from us, first thing to do is to snap a picture of it. That is so that two weeks later you're still able to track their growth by looking at the picture. If there're any changes in the outlook of plant, you could easily spot the differences too.

2. Second thing is to ask us whether changing soil is required. We will let you know if the soil in pot is our LES formula soil or it is soil from supplier that you should definitely change it.

3. After soil issue is settled, place them under direct/indirect/diffused sunlight. Different species has different sun requirement. Water according to the watering schedule of your plant species too.

4. Two weeks later, snap another picture of your plant. If there's new growth in the plant, they are doing well and definitely in a conducive environment!

5. If there are a few changes in the plants, they are not placed at the best environment:-
A. Color turns pale
B. Plant starts to stretch taller and becomes leggy
C. Leaves turn soft and mushy
D. Drying leaves increase drastically
E. Dark spots on the plants
F. Wrinkly leaves

[For succulent arrangement/terrarium]

1. Snap a picture of your new babies.

2. Soil will definitely be our LES formula soil if you're getting the succulent arrangement or terrarium from us. No soil change is required.

3. Follow LES guides on the sunlight & water requirement for your terrarium. Every terrarium/arrangement has different care guides.

4. Refer to Step No. 4 & 5 above at [for single potted plants]

Succulent has more fun when you explore them yourselves and learn more about them. You can always figure a way out to take care of them on your own. But since we are here to help you out, why not right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

You will not have to walk a long journey in exploring succulents because we are here to make your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Equip with the right knowledge before starting your planting journey will be great so come and join our beginner terrarium workshop!