How to take care of succulent terrarium?

How to take care of succulent terrarium?

I am a beginner in this, how to take care of succulent terrarium like this?

1. First thing that’s very important for all succulent beginners: succulents are never indoor plants! Remember to give them at least bright indirect sunlight so that their pretty color and shape can be maintained. Sunlight is their main source of food hence be sure you’re giving sufficient nutrients for them😉

2. Water your terrarium only when the soil is totally dried. Different terrarium size has different watering amount requirement hence be sure you follow our care-guide card of the watering amount required as a start and then slowly adjust according to your environment. If the environment is humid, water less frequently and if environment is dry (aircond room) water more frequently.

3. Always, always ensure they are placed somewhere with good ventilation. They are afraid of stuffy air just like human (at least like me😁), and poor ventilation can cause problems like mold or rotting.

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Wishing you a great and rewarding planting journey with us all the new plant parents out there😊